" I share your perspectives on the topics you addressed. In fact, I wrote the first article about doing veridical perception research in hospitals (Holden, 1988) and conducted the first hospital study of veridical perception (Holden & Joesten, 1990), and the computer-based design you described is the one Bruce Greyson and I used in a more recent study (Greyson, Holden, & Mounsey, 2006). Your idea to use death-row inmates – volunteers, I presume -- for NDE research was new to me and very creative. My head begins to spin when I think of everything that would have to happen to make that vision a reality, even beyond the funding challenge that you so accurately described!  The subject of veridical perception research is, indeed, a complex one with a lot of nuance. Your work conveyed that point well. Congratulations on your master’s degree! And please keep me posted if you somehow manage to develop your ideas past the vision stage!"

Janice Holden, Ed.D., LPC-S, LMFT, NCC, ACMHP
Chair, Department of Counseling and Higher Education
Professor, Counseling Progra

University of North Texas

"I was delighted to read your book in its entirety.  I strongly agree with your suggestions about how to get this “material” studied and considered fairly.  You DO think out of the box!  I can’t say enough or be more positive about your writing."

Edward A. Riess, EE, CNIM

"As a conservation biologist, I like the way your book challenges some currently dominant intellectual ideas, even those held in "scientific" circles.  The proposal to use a new scientific way of answering the "big questions" is interesting and something well worth trying.  Wow!...My hat is off to you, for your courage to give voice to an important issue that has been put aside for far too long."

Janice Zepko, MS

"What a wonderful cruise through the real science of consciousness.  Cynthia has made the most important questions we could possibly ask fun to explore... and the answers accessible and inspiring." 

Alex Tsakiris, Host, Skeptiko.com

"It's New Year's Eve and I have read half way through your book. I'm in tears both because I'm missing my friend and because my very missed friend is making me laugh!"

Rebecca Raymond, Artist & Teacher

"A year and a half ago we lost our dear son to a drunk driver. Cynthia threw us a life line by offering info on Near Death Experiences. She has eased our grief. In this book she tackles the importance of "The After Life" issues with a vengeance. The woman is no wall flower. A mighty meaty book! Thanks Cynthia!"

Mitch Nielsen, Carpenter

"Cynthia does a amazingly concise job of laying out, defining and offering potential solutions to the topic of consciousness survival. The ideas presented in her book need to be embraced by the modern scientific world so that what is claimed to be mysterious extension of consciousness can once and forever be answered." 

T. Pepper 

Mechanical Engineer 

University of Colorado

"When proof is suggested to answer the question of "Is there life after death",  most people and more importantly, religions won't pursue it. Ignorance is bliss, yet is this the arena we want to be ignorant in? Thank you Cynthia, for opening our so often closed eyes into a very cool and exciting realm that I look forward to learning more about!" 

Kate Dilascia, RN