In the 'Conclusion' of Belief Is So Last Century I suggest we should move forward with both NDE research but also the the message that NDEers return to tell us from their little trip from their visit 'Home'. If consciousness is proven to survive and the reports are an accurate telling, then we would be that much further along, and if consciousness doesn't survive than I can see no other way to live on a warming planet with exponential growth and dwindling resources than to learn to love on a higher level.  

The message from NDE'ers:  "Be Love". What does this mean exactly? Currently the directives are these: 'Don't judge and love unconditionally'. However, it's not enough to say these phases and assume we 'get it'. 

In my 'Solutions' chapter of BISLC I propose a starting point of 'end status quo thinking'...which is often our autopilot mode. This mode has us imagining we understand when in fact we really don't.  I give the example of the phase "Don't be a tattle tale', which is in fact a directive not to tell a tale about someone. Instead it is widely misinterpreted to mean...'Don't tell the truth or you'll be considered a snitch'.  When it comes to 'don't judge', there is much to be examined more closely. 

In a NDE video presentation I was particularly moved by  Mary Jo Rapini as she told her story of why she was told she couldn’t stay 'Home' and that she needed to return to her body. She argued that she worked for next to nothing in the cancer ward and allowed anyone to call her day or night.  The question was presented “But have you loved one single person on earth like you have been loved here?” “No, I’m only human!” she responded. “This is why you must go back, you can do better.”

How do we love better?  How should divine love be expressed by us here on earth in practical terms?  Clearly, 'Don’t judge' is not accurate as judging is required to survive each day, from driving a car to judging our strengths for a career to choosing our mates and raising good children.  We judge if our mate has become abusive, or where or if it is safe to walk in a certain part of town. Not a single day isn't laced with hundreds of small and/or very significant judgments. Nor can we expand the directive to "Don't judge people" because without judging people we would have no filters and would find ourselves involved with anyone and everyone for all the wrong reasons. Or in fact should we not judge at all? Walk in every neighborhood at any time with an understanding that the goal is not to stay alive at all costs but just to love while alive?

Waging love becomes the goal of NDEers upon their return... and if we are ready to take their patterned reports in the hundreds of thousands as facts our goal must be to begin with a better road map and not assume simple sound bites like 'don't judge' will show us the way. My goal in writing the book Waging Love is to do research regarding how NDEers might now understand deeper ways of loving others and themselves.   One thing is quite certain...our ability to understand what Love is must be reexamined if we are survive as a species. 






In order to make progress in Loving each other  we need to start with questioning and examining status quo sound bites like 'Don't judge'.