"What a wonderful cruise through the real science of consciousness.   Cynthia has made the most important questions we could possibly ask fun to explore... and the answers accessible and inspiring." 

Alex Tsakiris
Host, Skeptiko.com

I was really excited to hear back from Alex after sending him the link to download my book. In fact it was the next morning that I got an email saying "I'm on page 50 and can't put it down...let's do a plug for your book on my show." Hell Yeah!! 
I've been a big fan of Skeptiko for several years because Alex interviews researchers on the leading edge of 'woo woo' ...what materialist often refer to as pseudoscience...but in fact is science that just doesn't happen to jive with the materialistic paradigm. Important work!... and I am impressed by the caliber of guests that come on his show willing to buck the status quo.  

Interestingly, he interviewed Dr. Eben Alexander almost a year before Alexander hit the major media book tour (featured on Oprah, Larry King Now, the cover of Newsweek)... and I knew immediately that Alexander's case was an important one to add the book that was taking root in my mind. The fact that someone of his materialistic background would throw out a lifetime of skeptical beliefs was something to really get excited about!  But, as much as I wanted his experience to put the cherry on the dualists sundae, I realized that we need more...and in fact we should be in agreement that we deserve answers that can't be dismissed by the materialistic scientific community.

So, I recorded my short plug today for the book and look forward to hearing it on Alex's next show.

Thanks Alex!!