Having just sent my book off to the printer I came across yet another great NDE book, Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. This book is similar to Dr. Eben Alexander’s book Proof of Heaven, in that she had an NDE while in a coma as he did, and both recoveries are seen as medical miracles. On one level I was upset to learn of this book ‘too late’ to use as a resource for my book as she confirms and supports my thesis, but I managed to include one of her quotes and a reference for the printer in the final hour. I read her book saying “Amen Sister!” in her final chapters, which includes her analysis of her experience, but then it struck me… maybe my thesis, which I imagine to be based in thought, is not 'mine' at all and maybe is in fact just a knowing!

Everything Anita said about ‘belief’ aligns with what is in my book. Here's just a few examples... she writes, “I’ve found that subsequent to my NDE, I’m at my strongest when I’m able to let go, when I suspend my beliefs as well as disbeliefs, and leave myself open to all possibilities”, which is the freethinking position I advocate throughout my book. “Beliefs” she goes on to say, “Only allow what we dream credible while keeping out everything else.” Which mirrors my quote regarding faith vs. belief. Also, I make a case for not just thinking but  'living outside of the box' and she writes, "...If I restrict myself to only what I am able to conceive, I'm holding back my potential and what I allow into my life." 

She also speaks of the importance of just ‘being love’ which has been the mantra of my ministry for nearly a decade and the simple rule I try...the operative word! to follow every day of my life. Being love is the topic of my next book..title: Waging Love... But what does this directive actually mean? It's is going to be quite a challenge to iron out...and my hope is that it is a collective effort with NDEers.

The statistics of people reporting a Near Death Experience is one in five…approximately 20% of those who ‘die’.  The number is considered low because of those who refuse to report their experience and those that don’t remember the experience. If you have read my book, you might remember that in the ‘Science’ chapter, I briefly dispute the theory that our distressed brains release chemicals that cause the patterned aspects of an NDE, with my own antidotal evidence by listing more than a few personal situations where my brain was distressed and facing death…in a plane that was unable to land, spinning around on the highway at 50 mph …noting that if the ‘distressed brain’ theory were correct these events should have triggered a flood of ‘feel good NDE stuff’ instead of the ‘oh! Shit!’ chemicals that actually were released for me and for most people having similar occurrences.

But even though I didn’t experience any aspects of an NDE at these times, maybe I did have one at another time, which I have forgotten. I did have a tumor in my middle ear as a child and in 1964 had emergency surgery to remove it and to rebuild my left ear... cutting edge surgery at the time, which left me half deaf.  I had over 6 operations over the course of that year and it is worth noting that my personality went through a dramatic change. I went from a child who sucked my thumb (still at 8 years old), walked pigeoned toed, spoke very little and at one point stopped speaking all together. I hung on my mother so shy that I often could only cry when people spoke to me. Within a year or so after the operations that frightened little girl was gone. People who know me now refuse to believe that someone as open, fun loving, risk taking, and extroverted (read: loud mouth! ) could have spent her first 10 years as a painfully shy and introverted child.

In her ‘Introduction’ Anita states, “My desire is to awaken the dormant guru within you that guides you to find your own place at the center of the universe.”  My book Guru U written several years ago is an attempt to invite the reader to recognize that they take time to “Refine Your Divine”.  

Possibly, I just think like Anita, clearly many people see things the same way. But on deeper reflection I entertain the possibility of a forgotten NDE, as I have taken note of many other similar afteraffects I enjoy. In the end I feel lucky to just 'get' what the NDEers speak of. It also might be why I feel so compelled to get out the message that we need to answer the question ‘Does consciousness survive?’ scientifically so the debate is finally over and we are able to move on together into a new paradigm. It may be that we find we are just wet computers, but like NDEers around the world, I’m putting my money on the alternate reality!