Subtitle: Does Consciousness Survive? Inquiring minds want to know. How status quo science is failing us and solutions for moving the research forward.

Background: Through my work in transpersonal studies, as an interfaith minister and my exploration into Near Death Experiences I began a journey into the unknown.  But it was because of my work in a Critical & Creative Thinking masters program that I began to look at the information in a new way.  I began to see evidence that led me to not the impossibility of a confirmation of consciousness survival, but to a field of science that was underfunded and unsupported by the materialist scientific community.  This situation would be acceptable if that community had actually proven that consciousness does not survive death but in fact this is not the case... they only believe this hypothesis is likely true. However there are many from fundamentalist Christians to quantum physicists who believe consciousness does survive. Both sides must be willing to look beyond belief with a willingness to move into knowing...a critical advance in a world of exponential population growth and dwindling resources.


1) To persuade the reader that any Belief from any side is not an acceptable stopping point, it is only a starting point. It is imperative that people around the globe not only get on the same page from the same book..the world is flat or round belief position, to the world is actually in FACT round..a fundamental paradigm accepted by all.  

2) To offer evidence that the status-quo-materialistic-scientific-establishment and others (with a vested interest) are in fact preventing consciousness  science from moving forward.

2) To present creative solutions to move the science forward.

The Audience:

This work is a position paper or white paper written for anyone interested in answering the “Who Am I?” question. The tone of the book is generally personal and casual and provides a big picture overview of the research regarding Near Death Experience research. It will appeal to freethinkers with a sense of humor and those willing to entertain the excluded middle position in the exhaustive debate between believers and skeptics.

(This book/synthesis received a ‘pass with distinction’ and contributed to my graduating from the Critical & Creative Thinking masters program at UMass Boston ‘With Distinction’.)